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Rector’s word

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

This is a necessary word

After my appointment at the head of the University of Algiers 3, I consider it my duty to send this short message to all members of the university family, including students, staff, employees and professors.

First: I hope to receive the necessary support desired from you to accomplish my mission, which mainly consists of seeking with you to advance our university to the rank of the great universities of the world.

Second: I declare to you my commitment and my respect of law, and the law only in the exercise of my functions which will only comply with the established legal procedures, and with the principles and regulations contained in the internal regulations of the university.

Third: I ask everyone to work together to advance our university in accordance with what is stipulated in the laws and procedures of the higher education and scientific research sector and the laws of the Republic.

May Allah guide us all to serve science and our country