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Presentation of the Digital Strategy Office

Digital technology has caused significant changes in education in general and higher education in particular, altering communication, information, and teaching methods. However, it is important to ask whether students, teachers, and higher education and scientific research institutions are able to effectively adapt to these changes.

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research aims for institutions and the higher education and scientific research system in Algeria to achieve the necessary levels of modernization and performance. This vision is reflected in the establishment of an innovative and dynamic system that fully utilizes digital technologies. The ultimate goal is to make higher education and scientific research a true engine of development and progress.

In order to plan the digital future of universities, a ‘Digital Master Plan – DMP’ has been created based on the sector’s strategic vision, outlining the deadlines and projects to be implemented over a period that will be defined according to the capacity and potential of each institution.

The Digital Master Plan is built around:

  • A vision that gives rise to strategic axes;
  • Each strategic axis is broken down into programs;
  • Each program is broken down into projects that include activities to be carried out.

The Digital Master Plan will be carried out from beginning to end by the following bodies, created for this purpose:

NDC: National Digital Committee (whose members are appointed by the Minister)

ROSC: Regional Operational Subcommittee (whose members are appointed by the President of the Regional Conference)

DSO: Digital Strategy Office (whose members are appointed by the Head of the Institution)

On November 22, 2022, and in accordance with the Digital Master Plan, the University of Algiers 3 installed the “Digital Strategy Office – DSO”. This office is responsible for implementing laws and regulations related to scientific research and technological development, in order to prepare the university for a successful digital transition in accordance with the directives of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. It also aims to operationalize and locally supervise projects related to information and communication technologies within the university.