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Digital Strategy Office’s missions

Under the Digital Master Plan setting out the organization and functioning of Digital Strategy Offices, the Digital Strategy Office of the University of Algiers 3 is responsible, as part of the national policy for the digitization of higher education and scientific research institutions, for promoting, coordinating, evaluating and developing the university’s digital activities.

As such, the office is responsible for:

  • Implementing the Digital Master Plan through its roadmap, which outlines the steps necessary to digitize the university;
  • Identifying the digital resources necessary to achieve the university’s digital project.
  • Assessing and proposing the human and financial resources necessary to carry out the university’s digitization program;
  • Studying and proposing all measures that may promote the dissemination and valorization of the university’s digitization results;
  • Evaluating local cooperation activities between the university structures in the digital field;
  • Establish an IT charter to define the conditions and terms of use of the university’s IT resources;
  • Developing a file of the digital potential of the university by identifying its digital equipment and platforms; Haut du formulaire
  • To provide adequate training for technical and administrative staff to enable them to use digital resources optimally;
  • To organize seminars and study days on digitization.