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Open doors of the university:

Open doors of the university:

The University of Algiers 3 organizes open days at the Delly Brahim central library, from July 15th to 23th , 2019

Initial enrollment:

Four phases of university enrollment were identified, and this after the announcement of baccalaureate’s results and when the winners get their own number.
The initial enrollment phase will start from July 20th until August 3rd, 2019. This stage will include the filling out of the Wish Card and placing it online through the Web site of the university enrollment http: www: orientation-esi.dz “and announcing the results of the orientation.

Initial enrollment is confirmed in the period from August 4th to 17th, and the new students are allowed to confirm their initial enrollment during this period or to change their orientation or to conduct tests and interviews for some specialties in the period between august 04th and 08th, 2019.

On the other hand, the gate for accommodation is open from august 8th to 17th , while the second treatment is performed in case of failure in tests, interviews and re-routing requests from 14th  to 17th of the same month.

Final enrollment and university service files will be announced from September 02nd to 08th which is the final enrollment stage.

According to the publication, the stage of dealing with exceptional cases by institutions of higher education and the reopening of the gate for accommodation, grant and transfer and transportation will be from September 2nd to 12th, so that the deadline will be determined.
For September 12th, 2010-2020, 

For reference, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research organizes open days at the institutions of higher education from July 15th to 23rd, 2019

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